Adobe Premiere Clip - Create, edit & share videos App Reviews

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Useless! Boring!! Snoring!

I cant Believe Adobe has Such a Sleeper Its Really Crap!

Adobe can do so much better than this

They dont update this app and make it actually amazing - because its free. So whats up adobe? Make it apart of the monthly CC subscription - and make the app actually edit!


This is seriously the best app that is free for movie making it is super easy to operate and trim and move clips and ad music! LOVEE IT! Dont know why everyone is freaking out. Its free but it is really good. I like this way more than iMovie way more user friendly!

Love the app, but not suitable for IG stories

I love the app, but exporting for IG stories is a pain in the ass as it crops the video in 16:9 even tho they have been recorded on 9:16! Please fix this ??

Good but not Premiere

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and this is not it. For mobile editing iMove is a better option.

Hella basic

For your next update, add an ability to put in music and other audio from different apps besides iTunes/Apple Music. If possible, even put in a voice recording feature

Cannot publish to YouTube

I get an oauth user agent error when I try to publish to YouTube.


At first this app worked perfectly fine but then when I tried to make a video the audio sounded distorted so then I deleted the app and installed it again and it stayed the same plz fix this

Decimates FPS

Doesnt even export at 60 fps. I could forgive the amateur feature set if it would just not destroy my hd clips.

A Simple Quick App

This App is somehow similar to Apples iMovie app. You can quickly make a nice edited video. Users need some degree of know-how. For my own use, I dont find any control for transition between clips which iMovie has. However, this app provides more audio (themes, sound) than iMovie. I have no problem for using it, but hope it can provides more features.

Good Except for Portrait Videos

When you save or export a video in a portrait orientation, it adds large black bars on the sides to make it a landscape video. Please make it so I can save the video without these black bars on the sides as they greatly decrease the quality of the video. Otherwise its a great simple video editor for trimming and duplicating clips and also adding music.

Worked a few times, then stopped

This app was good for only like 4 videos. Now, when i go to split a video it just completely doesnt work. The video doesnt show up and the screen goes black. its a shame because this was a good app to use on mobile.

Basic and Disappointing

Extremely basic and disappointing considering being a part of the Adobe Suite. Only allows basic editing such as trimming, slowing down the speed but not speeding up for time lapses , slight control over exposure, shadows, and highlights. It include very poor quality filters. There is no option to adjust the colors manually, only option is the filters.

Cant sign out without "switching user"

On the 18th of May I had an issue with signing out of Adobe Photoshop Mix where a prompt would come up asking if I would like to switch user accounts. I could only if I pushed yes. I was working on something and I signed back in and a picture of a giraffe came on the screen. I have changed my password, deleted the app, wiped and restored my iPad to no avail. The problem seems to have spread to Premier Clip, too. No other app has this problem, only Photoshop Mix and Premier Clip. It looks like a fun app otherwise.

Doesnt work

It doesnt do anything except for ask me to log in. iPhone SE


Please let me rotate video and add some advance color correction options :)

NO support for iCloud Photo Library!!!

Its true that this app gives the option of choosing media from your device, but it just lets you go through the motions of selecting photos/videos ONLY to tell you that it cant add them. It simply wont pull them from iCloud Photo Library. The only way to get media into your project from your Photos app is... 1. Select photos/video in your Photos app. 2. Hit share button and choose any method, this step is simply to force your device to download all the items in their entirety. 3. Go back to Adobe Clip and click to add media from your device. 4. Navigate and select all the same media you just did in the Photos app. !!! ONLY after this long process will Adobe Clip actually follow through in adding the media. Why give us an app on our device that cant grab media from our own device? Anyone with a decent amount of photos and video will be using iCloud Photo Library, and especially professionals.


It was going so well until it wouldnt take the song that I was trying to use from my library.

Great app

This gets the job done. Editing video content quickly on a mobile device like I never thought possible.

Dyno app

Great app, just what I wanted + the quality of Adobe and more. Fun and ez especially choice of auto or manual image cuts timed to the beat. Pros will find it helps retain clients...send a short clip as a surprise freebie to remember you.

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